Enhance Your Coaching Skills & Expertise in Strength & Conditioning

Our courses provide:

The depth of a degree
The support of a mentorship
The application of a workshop
The networking of a community


5 Components of Developing Expertise as an S&C Coach

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    Our Mission

    Much of your success as a strength and conditioning coach depends on your ability to solve problems and work with other people.

    Problem solving requires a deep understanding of principles, experience and excellent thinking skills.

    Working with other members of a team requires an ability to communicate, listen, consider other perspectives and collaborate on a solution.

    Desipte this most courses and professional development opportunities for coaches are often short-term, quick fixes performed in isolation. ‘Master everything in S&C in 4-weeks’ or ‘follow this template’. Neither promote deep understanding, enhance problem solving skills or give you enough time and support to optimally develop expertise. Courses are also often passive, download only opportunities which lack collaboration, discussion, questioning and context relevant application.

    Strength Coach Curriculums is about providing better. Better education which not only more effectively transforms your skills, but also allows you to network and learn within a commuinity.

    We are designing a range of longer-term cohort based courses which allow current S&C coaches to develop their skills, network and enhance their career.

    Our Values

    Integrity – Expertise – Innovation – Collaboration